Message from the President

President and Executive Officer Hiroshi Yokota

Tokuyama Corporation was established in Tokuyama-cho (today’s Shunan City), Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1918. The Company’s principal function at that time was to engage in the domestic production of soda ash in order to alleviate the dependence on imports. In tune with the growth in Japan’s chemical industry, the Company has gone on to produce and supply a wide range of chemical products. Building on this foundation, Tokuyama is currently expanding its main businesses globally, with a special focus on its information and electronics business, which markets semiconductor-grade polycrystalline silicon and other semiconductor-related products, the life and healthcare business, which includes eyeglass lens materials, dental materials and other products, and the environment and energy business, which handles recycling and environment-related business and other businesses.

In May 2016, Tokuyama put in place a five-year Medium-Term Management Plan, commencing from fiscal 2016, as the “Cornerstone of the Group’s Revitalization.” In formulating this new medium-term management plan, the Company took steps to drastically review its basic philosophy and course of action, which were established in 1989. While drawing on its mission, aspirations, and values, Tokuyama then established the overarching vision (“Tokuyama Vision”) of undertaking a new foundation, which clarifies its mission and maps out the Company’s ideal scenario a decade from now. The new Medium-Term Management Plan is designed to lay out specific business strategies to ensure its success.

We at the Tokuyama Group are committed to creating new value centered on the field of chemistry. In creating a constant stream of new value, we will contribute to people’s happiness as well as the growth and development of society. As we work toward achieving our goals, we kindly request the continued support and understanding of all stakeholders.

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