Corporate Officers and Organization



Representative Director Masao Kusunoki
Representative Director Hiroshi Yokota Supervision of all business divisions and Audit Office
Directors Takeshi Nakahara In charge of Research & Development Div., Kashima Factory and Corporate Social Responsibility Div.
Hideki Adachi In charge of Tokuyama Factory
Akihiro Hamada In charge of Financial Div. and Procurement & Logistics Div.
Hideo Sugimura In charge of Corporate Planning Div., Secretarial Dept. and General & Personnel Affairs Div.
Hisashi Shimizu
Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member Masaki Akutagawa
Youji Miyamoto
Shin Kato (External Director)
Toshihide Mizuno (External Director)
Yoshikazu Tsuda (External Director)

(As of June 23, 2017)

Executive Officers

Chairman and Executive Officer Masao Kusunoki
President and Executive Officer Hiroshi Yokota
Managing Executive Officers Takeshi Nakahara General Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Div.
Hideki Adachi General Manager of Tokuyama Factory
Akihiro Hamada General Manager of Financial Div.
Masao Fukuoka General Manager of General & Personnel Affairs Div.
Toshihiko Annaka General Manager of Procurement & Logistics Div.
Ryo Sugiyama General Manager of Life & Amenity Business Div.
Hideo Sugimura General Manager of Corporate Planning Div.
Executive Officers Hiroshi Nomura General Manager of Specialty Products Business Div.
Kazuo Matsuya General Manager of Chemicals Business Div.
Sadayuki Kuzuhara General Manager of Cement Business Div.
Fumiaki Iwasaki General Manager of Research & Development Div., Tsukuba Research Laboratory and Medical Associated Dept.

(As of July 1, 2017)



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