Working with Employees

Tokuyama embraces diversity and strives to enable employees to realize their full potential. This allows the Company to adapt to the constantly changing business landscape and meet the needs of customers.
At the core of Tokuyama’s commitment to diversity is supporting equal opportunities for women to make the most of their potential, which, in turn, will enhance corporate value.

Action Plan to Promote Opportunities for Women

Tokuyama is implementing an action plan to promote equal opportunities for women, working to achieving four specific goals by the end of fiscal 2020.
The Company has set specific targets for the percentage of women employed among its new university graduate hires. It met the targets in both fiscal 2016 and 2017. Moving forward, the Company is looking to hire more women to work as operators on the production floor.
To increase the percentage of managerial positions held by women, the Company offered career planning sessions for all female employees up to age 35. In these sessions, employees reviewed their careers and each formulated a career vision and goals for the next three years. These women also received letters stating the expectations of their direct supervisors, in an effort to involve these managers more closely in women’s career development.
Tokuyama is also taking steps to remove cultural obstacles to women holding certain job positions, for instance, by surveying general managers in sales and manufacturing operations and asking them to identify issues that could impede equal opportunities for women. The surveys confirmed that managers were receptive to having more women work in sales and manufacturing departments. The Company also conducts seminars almost every month to provide employees who have only worked in one department with exposure to the broad range of careers available within the Company, while also working with departments to expand women’s involvement in more job positions.

Building a Corporate Culture That Helps Employees Reach Their Full Potential

Manager, Human Resources Group
Naoki Fujiwara

Fujiwara Naoki

In our DIM initiatives in fiscal 2017, we set several goals: to build a corporate culture that embraces diversity; to encourage process innovation in our departments; and to establish a platform to enhance corporate value. Meanwhile, we always strive to support employees’efforts to realize their full potential.
A key aspect of our programs is supporting equal opportunities for women, so that every employeewoman or mancan thrive and contribute.

Action Plan

Working with Colleagues to Build a Workplace with
Equal Opportunities for Men and Women

Megumi Nomura

Assistant Manager, Chemicals Quality
Assurance Department

I started my career at Tokuyama as a non-management track employee at the Osaka Branch, working in sales administration.I was traveling on company business half the month and working just as much as management track employees.It made sense to become a management track employee to further develop my abilities.
Then, as a management track employee, I worked in the same sales department, dealing with the same products and customers, which enabled me to leverage my skills.
Subsequently, I requested a transfer to a new workplace.I had become more knowledgeable about our products and manufacturing processes via my sales work, so I thought that I could use my experience to be of benefit on the production floor.
Today, my main duty is implementing quality assurance for chemical products, including technical studies to meet customer requests. When a customer asks us to investigate the traceability of a product, I am able to use the systems knowledge I gained working in sales to track the manufacturing history using our product management system and identify causes.
As part of the Chemicals Quality Assurance Department, I will keep taking on new challenges and work to help build a company where both women and men can make the most of their potential.

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