Bulk pharmaceutical ingredients

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Generic names Bulk pharmaceutical ingredients
Product name Bulk pharmaceutical ingredients
Main applications X-ray contrast agents; therapeutic agents for peptic ulcers; generic drugs
Special properties High purity level

Product overview

Bulk pharmaceuticals, or active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), are used in manufacturing the drugs that are sold over the counter at drug stores or behind the counter at dispensaries. Tokuyama's bulk pharmaceutical ingredients are substances that contribute to realizing the efficacy of drug products. Tokuyama began producing bulk pharmaceutical ingredients in the 1980s.


Tokuyama's bulk pharmaceutical ingredients are used as active ingredients in drug formulations

Special characteristics

Tokuyama engages in the process development of active ingredients and production of bulk pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates for X-ray contrast agents, medicines for improving digestive functions, allergy remedies, eye drops, and drugs for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which are now priority fields for medicine. Tokuyama can adjust production schedules according to demand because it owns a wide array of reactor vessels ranging from 10 liters to 5,000 liters. Through its operations in optical materials and electronic materials, Tokuyama has developed organic synthetic technologies that can be applied in a broad range of fields. In addition, Tokuyama can efficiently produce bulk pharmaceutical ingredients of exceptionally high purity using its specialized processing equipment for resins and active carbon, and because it integrates purification operations tailored to the special properties of chemical compounds in production processes.

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