Triazimoch Condensation Agent

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Generic names TRIAZIMOCH
Product name TRIAZIMOCH
Main applications Condensation agent needed for organic synthesis, such as the synthesis of electronic materials, optical materials, and medical-related substances
Special properties Condensation agent that evaporates and condenses substances to selectively extract the carboxyl group and amino group of chemicals, or the carboxyl group and hydroxyl group of chemicals

Product overview

Triazimoch is used as a condensation agent for facilitating the evaporation reaction that is applied to convert two chemical compounds into a different combined substance by a certain organic synthesis method.


Triazimoch is primarily used as a condensation agent needed to synthesize electronic materials, optical materials, and medical-related substances.

Special characteristics

A drawback of the conventional condensation process is that large amounts of by-products are produced when water and alcohol are present in the sequence of reactions. Triazimoch is used as a solvent for these by-products, and makes it possible to selectively extract substances because it can inhibit secondary reactions. By way of this function, Triazimoch can be applied as a reaction solvent for water and alcohol, thereby expanding new possibilities for strategically synthesizing substances.

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