Aluminum nitride (AlN) filler

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Generic name Aluminum nitride (AlN) filler
Product name Aluminum nitride (AlN) filler
Main applications Material for semiconductor sealant; heat-dissipating materials; thermal interface materials (TIM) including sheets, glue, grease, and tape; substrate materials; cabinets; paint
Chemical formula AlN
Special properties High purity; high rate of thermal conductivity; excellent electrical insulation properties; spherical particles; sharp distribution

Product overview

Tokuyama's aluminum nitride powder for use as filler consists of spherical particles with excellent thermal conductivity. As a result, this product improves the thermal conductivity of all kinds of resin materials, including silicone, epoxy, acrylic, and polyimide.

Product overview


・Particle shape:

Tokuyama's aluminum nitride filler comprises a sharp size distribution of minute, spherical particles. The distribution of variously sized particles of aluminum nitride powder enables the product to be added in relatively higher proportions. This structure also allows heat to escape easily, enabling the product to produce excellent results as highly thermal conductive resin filler.

Particle shape

Particle shape

・Development of better surfaces

Development of better surfaces

Tokuyama is developing surface processing techniques to leverage the properties of aluminum nitride. Specifically, Tokuyama is improving the compatibility between AIN surfaces and silicone resin to achieve the following:
1.Enable a smaller amount of filler to be used to achieve the same level of thermal conductivity as products that have not been processed for compatibility
2.Attain a higher degree of thermal conductivity when using the same amount of filler

[Comparison of various kinds of fillers]
Tokuyama's AIN filler achieves better thermal conductivity than other materials

  AlN BN Al2O3
Density [g/cm³] 3.26 2.27 3.98
Thermal conductivity [W/m・k] ×
180~200 60 36
(Volume specific resistance)


(Mohs hardness)

Thermal expansion coefficient x10-6/℃ 4 1 6
Shape -


Dielectric constant (@1MHz) 9 4 10

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