Business Divisions
Chemicals Development Dept.

The Chemicals Business Division deals in a large number of chemical products, including caustic soda, chlorinated products, and soda ash. Against this backdrop, the Chemicals Development Department works to cultivate technologies that the division has accumulated over many years while developing new products in anticipation of future demands. We also design more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production processes. The department analyzes catalytic reactions and employs simulation software to develop technologies for the large-scale chlorine derivative reactors at the Company's massive chemical plant. Furthermore, we are exploring novel functions for sodium silicate and other products to expand their applications.

Specialty Products Development Dept.

The Specialty Products Development Department develops high value-added materials that support the technologies that are indispensable for the future development of society, including advanced information technology, typically IoT and ICT, the motorization of automobiles and automated driving technology and energy-related technology.
For instance, to address the increase in heat generation density, which has become a serious problem due to the higher integration of semiconductors, We are developing heat-dissipating substrates and heat-radiating filler by applying aluminum nitride technology, in which we boast the world’s top share. We are also developing numerous advanced products, including an ultrapure cleaning agent, precision abrasive and silica products for semiconductor sealing, which support ultra-miniaturization and higher density semiconductors.
The Specialty Products Development Department will enhance the company’s unique technologies, including the ultra-high purity technology typified by polycrystalline silicon for semiconductors and high-purity IPA, and the technologies for the precision control and composition of the particle form and surface condition that are cultivated in the silica and aluminum nitride business, and encourage open innovation to appropriately grasp market needs and increase development speed, while continuing to achieve the world’s top-class development of advanced materials that contributes to the development of society.

Cement Development Dept.

As the central R&D organization of the Cement Business Division, the Cement Development Department carries out basic research together with technology and product development.
To develop cement- and concrete-related techniques, we are exploring various quality assessment technologies and collecting basic data on the composition of concrete. In our resource recycling business, we are studying techniques for utilizing more types of waste matter as materials for cement and fuel for its production while maintaining good quality cement. The department is also actively exploring other usages for waste matter besides cement materials and production fuel, and promoting the development of recycling techniques with a view toward creating new businesses. In particular, the department is focusing on developing techniques for recycling gypsum board. Toward this end, it has devised techniques for increasing the size of gypsum crystals through crystallization reactions.
We are focusing on developing materials for hardening cement that can be applied in various types of foundation improvement methods. One new material that the Cement Development Department has commercialized is the Fresco Giclee brand of inkjet printing sheets made of lime plaster. We are examining ways to increase our development pace of finished products like this going forward.

TS & MA Development Dept.

The Life & Amenity Business Division was reorganized into an organization that integrates sales and development for each business segment (TS Group, MA Group), breaking through the existing boundaries of sales and development to respond rapidly to customer requests.
The TS Group is working for the business field of plastic lens materials. We are developing, producing and selling photochromic dyes, monomers and systems for photochromic eyeglass lenses and hard coat materials. The name of the TS Group comes from the trademark of Tokuyama’s photochromic materials, Transhade. Not content with staying in its traditional field of eyeglass business, we are now going in a new material development in a field of the electronics, harnessing its accumulated technologies. Meanwhile, MA Group is short for Medical Associated Business Group. Our business field is medical materials. In recent years, our main research topic has been process development for generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). We are approaching development with the aim of supplying high-quality and low-priced APIs to customers.

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