R&D Organization
New Business Promotion Dept.

The New Business Promotion Department has the mission of contributing to the execution of business strategies and the achievement of the targets under the Medium-Term Management Plan. We aim to do this by developing and executing the technical strategies of the Tokuyama Group.
In order to realize this mission, we will identify our future development themes through merging of our unique technologies with marketing and technology changes.

Tsukuba Research Laboratory

Tsukuba Research Laboratory is the base for research and development in the East Japan area. We are intended to strengthen the technical competitiveness of Tokuyama and increase the growth potential of its business, thereby creating new products/businesses that will lead the coming era through research into new materials.
The fields covered by the Laboratory extend from ICT to healthcare. The development topics are mainly the technologies and materials in which Tokuyama specializes, together with the wide range of fields related to them. In cooperation with universities and other research institutes, the Laboratory focuses on the development themes with the exit in sight.

Tokuyama Research Laboratory

Tokuyama Research Laboratory, in taking over the research facilities of Tokuyama Research Institutes, not only provides the development department of the Tokuyama area with an adequate environment in terms of facilities but also creates a positive environment in terms of the intangibles, typically the synergies realized through gathering various types of research and development teams and closeness to the front line of manufacturing, the production department.
The fields covered by the Laboratory are mainly development topics that are closely related to the field operations. Specifically, we develop applications of fluoride single crystal and the research and development of ICT-related materials.

Analytical Science Dept.

The Analytical Science Department is a specialist unit that carries out analysis and evaluation for the Tokuyama Group, and provides quality assurance for the items developed by the Group’s R&D units.
With the advance of corporate globalization, the competition to develop high-quality products that differentiate the Company is becoming more intense. In order to move ahead of competitors, R&D and business operations backed by advanced material analysis techniques are vital. The department is improving Tokuyama’s competitiveness by focusing on developing and refining material analysis techniques and collaborating with external organizations to acquire leading-edge technologies for analyzing materials in its efforts to provide support for the Company’s research and development.

Intellectual Property Dept.

The creation and application of intellectual property is essential for Tokuyama to grow sustainably and contribute to society. From this perspective, the Intellectual Property Department has established a basic policy of raising Tokuyama's corporate value by generating new intellectual property and taking full advantage of it. Accordingly, we work to acquire intellectual property rights to fully protect the results of Tokuyama's research and development, and conducts strict risk management to ensure that the intellectual property rights of other corporations are respected in the Company.
The Intellectual Property Department helps maintain Tokuyama's competitive advantages by acquiring rights for R&D discoveries and technological developments, which are the pinnacle of the Company's know-how. At the same time, we integrate Tokuyama's business strategies and technology strategies into an intellectual property strategy designed to make maximum use of company-owned intellectual property.

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