Notice Concerning Efforts to Reduce CO₂ Emissions

Tokuyama Corporation

Recognizing the urgent need to address a host of issues including the threat that global warming poses to the earth's environment, Tokuyama Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Tokuyama" or "the Company") is targeting a 15% reduction in business- as- usual (BAU*) CO₂ emissions by fiscal 2030 from fiscal 2013 levels. In order to achieve this target, the Company has established the CO₂ Project Group and is undertaking the following efforts.
* BAU: Business as usual (emissions without specified reduction measures)

(1)New technology development
CO₂ capture and reuse
Develop technologies that are capable of capturing the CO₂ emitted by Tokuyama Factory as well as other methods for reusing the CO₂ captured while promoting other measures including collaboration with external research organizations such as universities.

(2)Hydrogen production using electric power derived from renewable energy
Develop and demonstrate the efficacy of a commercial-size electrolytic cell and process for use in hydrogen manufacturing facilities that can also accommodate large-scale fluctuating electric power derived from renewable energy.

(3)Renewable energy introduction
Biomass combustion
Increase the use of biomass at thermal power generation facilities owned by the Company and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Energy mix
Formulate scenarios that encompass future environmental administration, energy condition, and other perspectives, and consider the structure of power supply (energy mix) at manufacturing facilities in fiscal 2030.

(4)Tokuyama Factory energy efficiency optimization
In addition to promoting energy conservation at each manufacturing facility within Tokuyama Factory, undertake various measures including the pursuit of energy versatility between plants and supply of heat as well as energy to outside companies in a bid to optimize energy efficiency at Tokuyama Factory as a whole
The Tokuyama Group is unified in its commitment to achieve its CO2 reduction target by resolving the aforementioned issues.

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