Notice Concerning the Decision to Bolster Photoresist Developer Manufacturing Facilities

Tokuyama Corporation

Tokuyama Corporation (hereinafter the "Company" or "Tokuyama") today announced details of its decision to bolster facilities for the manufacture of tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH), a photoresist developer.

Tokuyama has positioned the IC Chemicals business as an area of growth under its Medium-term Management Plan. Demand for TMAH, a mainstay product of the IC Chemicals Business, as a high-purity photoresist developer is expected to increase in line with the growing emphasis on miniaturization in the semiconductor market. Taking this forecast into consideration, the Company will work to expand its business by bolstering manufacturing facilities for the product, thereby addressing the needs of the market.

In this instance, Tokuyama will lift its production capacity for TMAH by 50%.

The plan is in place to construct manufacturing facilities for TMAH within the site of Tokuyama Factory's plant with the start of commercial operations scheduled for April 2020.

Efforts to bolster manufacturing facilities will further upgrade and expand the Company's TMAH supply structure and systems. Moreover, Tokuyama will promote the development of wide-ranging applications while at the same time endeavoring to enhance stable supply.

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