OMNICHROMA® Dental Filling Composite Resin Finally to Be Released in Japan

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OMNICHROMA® Dental Filling Composite Resin Finally to Be Released in Japan

Tokuyama Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary Tokuyama Dental Corporation (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Hideki Kazama) has decided to release OMNICHROMA® light-cured dental filling composite resin in Japan on October 21, 2020 as a special treatment material upon receiving approval from the relevant Japanese authorities. OMNICHROMA® has received high marks worldwide for its wide color matching ability enables eliminating shade taking procedure.

OMNICHROMA® was initially released in February 2019 in North America, the largest dental materials market in the world. Since then, OMNICHROMA® has received high marks for its innovative concept and original technology, including receiving the Innovative Products of the Year award for 2020 by the North American evaluation agency DENTAL ADVISOR and as one of the Top 10 Game Changers by the DENTAL PRODUCTS REPORT (which has largest circulation as a dental trade magazine) for both 2019 and 2020. As there are many natural tooth shades, dentists have needed to maintain a large inventory of composite resin used for repairing areas lost due to cavities or fractures given the need to select the optimal shade among dozens to match the color of patients'teeth.

Tokuyama Dental Corporation has successfully developed a composite resin using its original sol-gel method that blends synthesized spherical fillers to produce a structural color that covers various natural tooth shades with just one shade of composite, and this eliminates the difficulties associated with matching shades and maintaining inventory. As of June 2020, Tokuyama Dental's share of the North American light-cured composite resin market reached approximately 3.0%. Tokuyama Dental Corporation is focusing on increasing sales in order to expand this share even further and forecasts worldwide sales (including Japan) of \1 billion in fiscal 2020.

Going forward, the Tokuyama Group will contribute to the health of people around the world by leveraging the power of science to create innovative products and value.

1. Name: OMNICHROMA® light- cured dental filling composite resin
(Japan: controlled medical devices) Authentication number: 230AFBZX00049000

2.Features: Wide natural tooth color-matching ability that eliminates shade-taking procedure with just one composite. Makes inventory management a breeze

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