Concerning Augmentation of Aluminum nitride (AlN) Bare Substrate Manufacturing Facilities

Tokuyama-DOWA Power Materials Co., Ltd.
Tokuyama Corporation

Tokuyama Corporation (President: Hiroshi Yokota) Group company Tokuyama-DOWA (TD) Power Materials Co., Ltd. (President: Motonobu Teramoto) has decided to augment its manufacturing facilities to meet the increasing demand for aluminum nitride (AlN) bare substrate.

Mounted in, for example, industrial robots and railway rolling stock, AlN bare substrates are used for the insulating substrates in power modules that require high heat dissipation and high voltage resistance, and thus sustained expansion of demand is expected. To respond to the needs of the market, TD Power Materials will work to expand its business by augmenting its manufacturing facilities.

Following this augmentation of its facilities, TD Power Materials' capacity for producing AlN bare substrate will increase by 20%.

The company is planning to commence operations in around mid- 2020.

Through this capacity enhancement, the company will further upgrade and expand its system of supply for AlN bare substrates and aim for more stable supply while promoting a wide range of applications.

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