Caustic Soda (liquid, flake)

Chlor-Alkari and Vinyl Chloride

Generic names Caustic soda, sodium hydroxide
Product name Liquid caustic soda, solid caustic soda (in flake, granular, or powderized form)
Main applications Manufacturing of inorganic chemical products, paper, aluminum, food seasonings, soap, and other products; wastewater treatment and de-acidification applications
Packing / shipping method Tanker trucks and tanker ships for liquid form; flexible containers and paper for solid form
Chemical formula NaOH
Special properties Strong alkaline properties

Product overview

Caustic soda is produced through electrolysis of a saline solution, and is a highly alkaline compound. It is widely used in industry to manufacture inorganic chemical products, paper, aluminum, food seasonings, and soap, among other products, as well as for environmental preservation applications related to wastewater treatment, desulfurization, and de-acidification. Caustic soda is also used in waterworks and as a food additive. Tokuyama produces caustic soda through its ion exchange membrane electrolysis process.

Special characteristics

  • Caustic soda is colorless, transparent, and viscous in liquid form, and solidifies depending on its concentration and temperature
  • The liquid form is primarily used, but the solid form is available
  • Flakes are white, semi-transparent, flat crystals that are highly absorbent
  • Caustic soda is one of the most alkaline substances, and exhibits strong alkaline properties in water solution, in which it easily dissolves
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide in the air to become sodium carbonate

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