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Generic names Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), Isopropanol
Product name TOKUSO IPA
Main applications Material for paint and ink solvents; material for organic chemical compounds
For electronics industry applications, please see TOKUSO IPA SE, a high-purity chemical product made for the electronics industry
Packing / shipping method 200-liter drums and 18-liter cans; tanker trucks
Chemical formula CH3CH(OH)CH3
Special characteristics More than 99.9% purity

Product overview

TOKUSO IPA is a high-quality isopropyl alcohol produced through Tokuyama's proprietary direct hydration technique. Owing to its ability to be blended with both water and oil, TOKUSO IPA is widely used in paint and ink solvents and as a compound substance for medical and agricultural chemicals. It is also used in similar ways to antiseptics when administering injections because it has sterilization properties. For cleaning of electronic materials, Tokuyama offers TOKUSO IPA SE, a purer form of isopropyl alcohol.

Special characteristics

  • Colorless liquid
  • Similar odor to alcohol
  • Highly flammable
  • Water soluble, and maintains similar properties in both water and organic substances

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