Soda Ash

Soda Ash and Calcium Chloride

Generic names Sodium carbonate, soda ash
Product name Soda Ash
Main applications Material for glass; material for glass wool (a heat insulating material); material for soap and detergents; brine water; water treatment auxiliaries
Packing / shipping method Flexible containers and paper bags; tanker trucks
Chemical formula Na2CO3
Special properties ・Fine white powder with absorbency properties
・Alkaline properties
・Produces carbon dioxide in reaction to acid

Product overview

Soda Ash is a basic industrial chemical that is used in a wide range of fields as a material for making glass, soap, detergent, and inorganic chemicals, and also as a food and beverage additive. Tokuyama began producing soda ash in 1918 as its first business, and provides the product in varying degrees of light ash and dense ash.

General applications

Soda Ash is used for industrial applications and food-additive applications.

Special characteristics

  • A fine white powder that is absorbent and easily dissolves in water
  • Highly alkaline in water solution, and produces carbon dioxide in reaction to acid

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