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Single Crystal of LiCAF for Neutron Detection

Tokuyama is developing a novel scintillator “LiCAF” for neutron detection.
Tokuyama provides samples: the two products available are Eu doped LiCAF and Ce doped LiCAF.
LiCAF is an Li-6 based scintillation crystal which has the advantages of n/gamma discrimination ability, non-hygroscopicity, and fast response.

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【Brochure】 LiCAF for Neutron Detection
【Brochure】 LiCAF Flexible sheet for Neutron Detection
【Brochure】 Fiber type LiCAF Neutron Detector
【Brochure】 Various Fluoride Crystals for Scintillators and Optical Components
【Test Report】 Characteriztion of the Tokuyama Corporation LiCAF Neutron Detector
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