Dividend History

Fiscal Year Interim Year-end Payout Ratio(%)
Fiscal 2017 The 154th 2.0yen 10.0yen*3
Fiscal 2016 The 153rd 0.0yen
Fiscal 2015 The 152nd 0.0yen
Fiscal 2014 The 151st 0.0yen 0.0yen
Fiscal 2013 The 150th 3.0yen 3.0yen 20.4
Fiscal 2012 The 149th 0.0yen 3.0yen *1
Fiscal 2011 The 148th 3.0yen 3.0yen 22.3
Fiscal 2010 The 147th 3.0yen 3.0yen 21.4
Fiscal 2009 The 146th 3.0yen 3.0yen 25.5
Fiscal 2008 The 145th 3.0yen 3.0yen *1
Fiscal 2007 The 144th 3.0yen 6.0yen*2 13.1
Fiscal 2006 The 143rd 3.0yen 3.0yen 8.9
Fiscal 2005 The 142nd 3.0yen 3.0yen 11.4
Fiscal 2004 The 141st 3.0yen 3.0yen 14.0
Fiscal 2003 The 140th 3.0yen 3.0yen 25.5
*1 The dividend payout ratio for FY2012 and FY 2008 are not presented, because the Company reported a net loss.
*2 Year-end dividends of 6 yen per share for FY 2007 include commemorative dividends of 3 yen for the Company's 90th anniversary.
*3 Effective as from 1 October 2017, the Company conducted a share consolidation in which every five common shares was consolidated into one share.

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