High-purity Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Powder and Granules

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Generic names Aluminum Nitride (AIN) Powder and Granules
Product name High-purity Aluminum Nitride Powder and Granules
Main applications Material for sintered objects; raw material for sialon ceramics; various kinds of additives
Packing / shipping method 10-kilogram cans
Chemical formula AlN
Special properties High purity; high rate of thermal conductivity; excellent electrical insulation properties; coefficient of thermal expansion similar to silicon; high degree of strength; highly resistant to corrosion; translucent; strong resistance to halogen gas plasma

Product overview

Tokuyama's high-purity aluminum nitride powder exhibits excellent thermal conductivity, a high rate of electrical insulation, and similar thermal expansion properties as various kinds of semiconductors, making it an optimum material for sintered objects. Tokuyama also offers high-purity aluminum nitride granules that are easily handled and moldable, and can be used as an auxiliary agent for sintering high-purity aluminum nitride powder.

Special characteristics of the powder form

Special characteristics of the powder form
  • High purity
    ・Highly pure powder with an extremely small amount of metallic impurities
    ・Extremely low oxygen content makes it suitable as a raw material for high-quality sintered objects
  • Sharp distribution of particles
    ・Mean diameter of agglomerated particles is about 1 micron, a sharp distribution
    ・The primary particle diameter is about 0.6 microns, and the particle surface has been stabilized to realize greater consistency than conventional products
    ・Excellent dispersion should result in improved heat dissipation as resin filler
  • High sinterability
    ・Possesses superior sintering properties
    ・The powder enables translucent sintered objects to be produced via hot-pressing and pressure-less sintering

Properties H-Grade E-Grade
Specific surface area (m²/g) 2.50~2.68 3.27~3.47
Mean Particle Diameter (μm) 1.07~1.17 0.96~1.07
Impurity 0(wt%) 0.78~0.86 0.79~0.88
C(ppm) 130~270 220~320
Ca(ppm) 200~240 10~22
Si(ppm) 39~48 9~13
Fe(ppm) 10~14 2~9

Special characteristics of the Granular form

Special characteristics of the granular form
  • High purity
    ・Tokuyama's high-purity aluminum nitride granules are made with grade-H high-purity aluminum nitride powder as a raw material, resulting in a relatively small amount of oxygen and metallic impurities
  • Excellent moldability
    ・Binders are added to granulate aluminum nitride powder to produce the granular form. Since a high degree of fluidity is needed for granulation, the granules can quickly and uniformly fill press molds and dies.
  • High sinterability
    ・Granules are highly sinterable because they are made with high-purity aluminum nitride powder as a raw material
    ・Granules can be added as an auxiliary agent for sintering

Properties Unit H-TGrade
Mean Particle Diameter μm 75
Bulk Density g/cm³ 0.97
Tap Density g/cm³ 1.09
Relief angle (deg.) 31

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