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Japan was once completely reliant on imports for its soda ash. In 1918, Tokuyama Corporation was established in Tokuyama (now Shunan City), Yamaguchi Prefecture, to remedy this lack of a domestic source. Tokuyama later began producing cement, and then responded to the growth of Japan’s chemicals industry by adding a broad array of chemicals to its product lineup. The Company’s main business fields are ICT, in which its principal product is semiconductor-grade polycrystalline silicon; healthcare, which includes eyeglass lens materials, dental materials and equipment, and other such products; and the environment, which includes the recycling and environment business.


The Chemicals Business Division manufactures and sells a wide array of chlorine derivatives. Among these are soda ash and caustic soda, which the Company has continued to produce since its foundation, as well as methylene chloride, which uses the chlorine generated as a by-product at the time of caustic soda production as a raw material. Tokuyama is the only manufacturer of soda ash in Japan that is used as a raw material for such items as glass and detergents. Through its Chemicals Business Division, the Company also manufactures related products including sodium bicarbonate and calcium chloride at grades suitable for use in food additives. These products have gained a strong reputation among customers for their high quality. In addition, the Chemicals Business Division sells isopropyl alcohol (IPA) manufactured under a direct hydration method that employs a pollution-free process developed by the Company.

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Specialty Products

The Specialty Products Business Division offers a host of high-quality products that underpin electronics industry. This includes the high-purity silicon that is used as a raw material in the manufacture of semiconductor wafers and aluminum nitride powder, a high-performance heat management material. Especially in the field of high-purity chemicals for electronic manufacturing, the Division provides such products as TOKUSO IPA SE, an isopropyl alcohol that boasts the world's highest purity, and the SD Series of high-performance positive-type photoresist developers that are held in high esteem for their high purity and low residue properties. In this manner, the Specialty Products Business Division is addressing customers' needs through products that contribute to the ICT era.

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The Cement Business Division manufactures and sells numerous cement products that support social infrastructure. Boasting the largest single factory cement production capacity in Japan, the Division pioneered efforts to engage in the domestic recycling of industrial waste. Working to ensure the effective use of limited resources, every effort is being made to contribute to the formation of a recycling-based society. From a product lineup perspective, the Division also manufactures and sells such related products as cement type stabilizers. Covering a wide range of activities that extend from general civil engineering work to dam and pier as well as high-rise building construction, the Division offers a lineup that is in tune with each application and requirement condition. Through these means, every effort is being made to meet customer demand.

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Life & Amenity

As a part of its broad health care lineup, the Life & Amenity Business Division manufactures and sells such products as active pharmaceutical ingredients for generic drugs and intermediates as well as eyeglass-related items focusing mainly on photochromic materials. Placing the utmost emphasis on quality control, a wide selection of small-batch products is manufactured at the Kashima Factory, which is in turn supported by the robust development systems of the Tsukuba Research Laboratory. Focusing on breathable films that are impermeable to water while allowing the flow of moisture and air, the Division is actively engaged in the development of business opportunities in Japan and overseas with a view to addressing demand in emerging nations beginning with China.

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