Waste Management

Environmental Impact and Waste

Tokuyama is continually working to reduce its emissions of air and water pollutants and implementing environmental conservation initiatives such as waste recycling. 

Performance in Fiscal 2018(29KB)

Waste Management

Tokuyama generated a total of 339,000 metric tons of waste in fiscal 2018. It actively worked to recycle this waste both in and outside the Company, mainly by re-using waste matter as raw materials and fuel for cement at the Tokuyama Factory. Through its diligent efforts to recycle waste as raw material for cement, Tokuyama achieved an effective utilization rate of 93.1%. The Company also made progress with reusing waste and reducing the amount generated, and achieved its landfill waste "zero emissions" target of 99.9% for the sixth consecutive year.

The Nanyo Plant's Cement Production Recycling System

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