Ongoing Communication with Local Communities

Through communication with the local community, Tokuyama continues to carry out activities that turn the Company into an entity deemed essential by society.
The Company works to promote understanding of its initiatives in areas such as process safety, disaster prevention and environmental preservation.

Responsible Care Community Dialogue Program

The Tokuyama Factory conducts the annual RC Community dialogue to help nearby residents better understand its efforts to prevent accidents and protect the environment.
The dialogue held on September 22, 2017 provided information on the environmental initiatives at the factory; 16 Tokuyama Factory employees, including the general manager, met with 44 local residents and 2 officials from Shunan City. The participants were briefed about Shunan City's environment by the city officials and then about the factory's power station and environmental initiatives. Participants then toured the Tokuyama Factory, visiting three plants and the East Power Station. Residents expressed surprise at the large size of the smokestacks and said they gained an understanding of the initiatives. With the understanding and support of local residents, the Tokuyama Factory will keep making sincere efforts on environmental preservation, disaster prevention and safety.

Presentations during Tokuyama Factory Community Dialogue on Responsible Care

Local residents tour East Power Station

Donations to Mikage Bunko Book Program

Tokuyama has been donating book gift certificates to schools through the Mikage Bunko Book Program for 41 years. In 2017, the program donated bookshelves and 100,000 yen worth of book gift certificates to each of 41 elementary and junior high schools in Shunan City, bringing the cumulative total donated to date to over 200 million yen. The mayor of Shunan, Kenichiro Kimura expressed appreciation: "The children who grew up reading books from Mikage Bunko are the backbone of society and are grateful for this program."

Bookshelves and purchased books donated to Kisan Elementary School, a Shunan City elementary school

Hideki Adachi, general manager of Tokuyama Factory, presents the catalog of donated books to Mayor Kimura, who offers a letter of appreciation.

Participating in Volunteer Forestry Activities

On November 10, 130 of our employees and their families participated in the 22nd Town, Forest, and Water Exchange event held at the Susuma community forest in Shunan City, Yamaguchi (organized by the Shunan Office of Agriculture and Forestry). During the event, participants removed bamboo leaves and weeds, and thinned the forest. As a company that uses large volumes of water as part of our business activities, we support this initiative aimed at creating the forests (maintaining broad-leaved forests) that serve as the source of water that is so essential for our livelihoods and business. In fact, we have actively participated in the event since its launch in 1997, more than 20 years ago.

Volunteer Forestry Activities Now in Their 22nd Year

Helping TFT to Eradicate Hunger in Developing Countries

Table for Two (TFT) is a non-profit that tackles hunger in developing countries and works to reduce obesity and lifestyle diseases in developed countries. Twenty yen from every boxed lunch purchased from TFT goes toward donations (the price of one school lunch in developing countries), which are used to provide lunches to children in developing countries in Africa and Asia.
The number of participants at Tokuyama has grown every year since it joined the TFT program in 2008. The Company donated 166,540 yen in 2017, equivalentt to 8,327 school lunches.

Children in Kenya eat TFT lunches. ©TABLE FOR TWO

Information Disclosure and Communication

Tokuyama values communication with diverse stakeholders as the key to working with the broader society to build a sustainable future.

Tokuyama holds briefings for individual investors to provide information on the Company and its business performance, stock and trading volumes, and dividends. In fiscal 2017, there were six briefings in locations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. Tokuyama also disclosed information via various media.

At a briefing for individual investors

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