Respect for human rights

Tokuyama's utmost respect for human rights and its commitment to prohibiting all forms of discrimination are codified in the Tokuyama Group Code of Conduct and the Tokuyama Group Guidelines for Business Activities. In addition to notifying all employees of the Group-wide ban on harassment, the Company has established a consultation service in the event that an incidence of harassment should occur. At the same time, Tokuyama has definitively prohibited the use of child and forced labor while calling for the cooperation of all business partners from a CSR procurement perspective.

※Note: Tokuyama is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

Tokuyama Group Code of Conduct(Excerpt)

All Tokuyama Group members will commit to operating in a way that is compatible with society and to fulfilling the Group's corporate social responsibility, following the principles bellow and endeavoring to achieve sustained growth by earning the support of our clients.

  • 4. Respect of Human Rights and Personality
    ・We respect the basic rights of people in our business and will do not discriminate on the bases of race, gender, creed, nationality or religion.
    ・We value diversity in the workplace and will provide a safe and comfortable working atmosphere to provide satisfaction and opportunity to each employee.
Tokuyama Group Guidelines for Business Activities(Excerpt)

These Guidelines set out the essential principles that govern the ongoing business activities of the Tokuyama Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Group"), which aims to realize a sustainable future in tandem with society and to gain the trust and appreciation of individual stakeholders.

  • V. Relationship with Executives and Employees
    1. Respect for Human Rights and Prohibition of Discrimination
    (1)The Group will value the diversity, character and personality of each person in its employ and will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic origin, gender, creed, nationality, religion, disability, disease or educational background.
    (2)The Group will have no involvement with child labor or forced labor.
    (3)The Group will allow no person in its employ to degrade individual dignity in any manner, including by speaking or acting in ways that bring discomfort to others.

Communication with Stakeholders

Tokuyama values communication with diverse stakeholders as the key to working with the broader society to build a sustainable future.

Stakeholders Communication
Customers ISO9001, TVCM, Factory tours
Global Environment Responsible Care, environmental management, ISO 14001, Reduction of CO₂ emissions, energy conservation, waste disposal, biodiversity initiatives, development and provision of environmentally friendly products
Local Communities and Society Accident prevention, Responsible Care Community Dialogue program, community volunteers, sponsorship of and participation in summer festivals, grants to promote science and technology, grants for raising the next generation, and safety and disaster prevention activities
Shareholders and Investors Briefing session for individual investors, Briefing session on financial results, brief statement of accounts, Annual Securities Report, General Meeting of Shareholders
Business Partners Purchasing management, CSR purchasing, Joint Occupational Health and Safety Conference
Employees Workplace patrols In-house newsletters, education and training, Health and Safety Committee

Contributions to Societies

As a company with an essential social role, Tokuyama also carries out various activities to maintain good relations with its neighbors. Interaction with local communities is being promoted not just by the Company, but also by employees, on their own initiative.

Our Activities:
・Supporting youth education by hosting field trips of local elementary school students
・Visiting local elementary schools and junior high schools to conduct workshops
・Donationg book gift certificates to local schools through the Mikage Bunko book program
・The Tokuyama Science Foundation
・Participating in Chemistry Fairs
・Tokuyama Factory Responsible Care Community Dialogue
・Aid for areas affected by natural disasters