Message from the President

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Electronics, Health, and Environment — Three Keywords in Driving Future Growth
Toward a Value-Creative Company Grounded in Research and Development

Based on the field of chemistry, Tokuyama's mission is to create a better future in harmony with the environment in collaboration with its customers. As the significance of our existence has evolved in line with the changing times and demands of society, we redefined our mission in February 2021.

Given the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of life and good health. Today, traditional values are undergoing a major reevaluation. In addition to the rapidly advancing digital revolution, the surge in awareness toward the environment and the need to build a sustainable society are irreversible. Under these circumstance, the Tokuyama Group will significantly change the business environment.

In order to fully harness the tides of change, we have positioned the Electronic & Advanced Materials, Life Science, and Eco business segments as new engines of growth while adopting the policy of evolving into a value-creative company based on marketing as well as research and development under Medium-Term Management Plan 2025.

The Tokuyama Group boasts an accumulation of technologies that has been handed down for over a century. We will continue to refine these technologies while endeavoring to create technologies and value that are essential to the new era. As far as contributing to the mitigation of global warming is concerned, we are advocating carbon neutrality in fiscal 2050. Led by Tokuyama Factory, we will take proactive measures to reduce total CO2 emission by 30% in fiscal 2030 compared with fiscal 2019.

Grounded in a commitment to CSR management, we will incorporate SDGs, a common goal for humankind, into our business activities and work to provide products, services, and technologies that address a variety of social issues while rallying to the slogan "For the People of Tomorrow."

As we strive to achieve our established goals, we ask for your continued support and understanding.

Hiroshi Yokota
Hiroshi Yokota