Message from the President

Representative Director

Hiroshi Yokota

Hiroshi Yokota

Tokuyama Corporation reached an historic milestone in 2018 celebrating its 100th anniversary since the Company's foundation while embarking on its next century of prosperity and growth.

Under our Medium-Term Management Plan launched in 2016, which we have positioned as the "Cornerstone of the Group's Revitalization," we have once again clarified the Company's role going forward. In specific terms, our goals are to become a global leader in advanced materials while at the same time securing a top position through our traditional businesses in Japan. Driven by these goals, we are promoting a growth strategy in a bid to transition to a robust business structure that is resilient against changes in the operating environment and capable of sustainable growth.

Turning to several of the numerical targets set under the Medium-Term Management Plan, Tokuyama has achieved its operating income and ROA goals in advance. Moving forward, we will continue with efforts to realize a cost competitive business structure while further expanding and stabilizing earnings.

Recognizing the integral link between corporate and social growth, Tokuyama is also committed to resolving major global-scale issues. As one example, we newly introduced reform measures aimed at substantially reducing CO2 emissions at Tokuyama Factory and promoting the complete reuse of energy from 2018. Currently, we are endeavoring to identify the key issues (materiality) that have a major impact on the Group's continuous growth. We have also incorporated the universally shared Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the Group's activities and are working to provide products that help resolve a variety of social issues while addressing the ever-changing needs of society.

Looking ahead, we will work diligently to remain essential to society and the preferred choice of customers for the next 100 years.

As we move toward achieving our goals, we kindly request the continued support and understanding of all stakeholders.

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