Environmental Management

Basic Policy for Environmental Management

For Tokuyama, the pursuit of proactive initiatives to protect the earth's environment is an important part of its corporate social responsibilities. Accordingly, the Company practices environmental management that takes into account the natural environment in all business activities.

Three-year Basic Policy (FY2021-2023)

Tokuyama actively undertakes environmental preservation and strives to help build a sustainable society, based on its Basic Philosophy of Responsible Care and materiality.

Focus Items in Fiscal 2021
  • ・Strictly comply with legal requirements, etc
  • ・Continue zero environmental accidents
  • ・Reduce environmental impact
     Maintain or reduce emission levels of environmentally
     hazardous substances
     Promote zero waste emissions
  • ・Combat climate change
     Working to achieve the FY2030 GHG targets
     Pursuing energy conservation and power saving
  • ・Expand communication with stakeholders and improve information disclosure
  • ・Helping to preserve biodiversity

Flow of Materials


Environmental Accounting




Taking into consideration the importance of biodiversity conservation and the need to ensure its sustainable growth as a going concern, Tokuyama engages in a wide range of activities. In addition to reflecting on the impact of its business activities on the ecosystem, the Company has taken steps to identify the burden that its operations places on the environment while clarifying measures aimed at mitigating its environmental load.