Basic Purchasing Policy

To supply quality products, backed up with excellent technology, to its customers, Tokuyama Corporation performs procurement activities in accordance with the following basic purchasing policy.
Note: This policy does not constitute a contract, nor is it to be construed as an offer of contract.

Basic Procurement Policy

Supplier selection

Prior to actual procurement transaction, a comprehensive evaluation of the goods and suppliers will be made to result in the most appropriate selection. Viewpoints of such evaluation will include quality, price, delivery, technology, reliability, safety, after-service, ease of maintenance administration, trouble shooting capability, consistent acceptability to our existing facilities, management stability and so forth.

Regulatory and statutory compliance

In its procurement activities, Tokuyama complies with the letter and spirit of pertinent statutes and regulations. Suppliers are equally required of the such compliance and, to be qualified by the company, need to commit themselves to the effect.


Tokuyama desires to be a good partner with its suppliers and share the goal of manufacturing high-quality products with them. To achieve this goal, the Company opens its doors wide to suppliers with attractive proposals, creating an environment to invite new, innovative suppliers.

Promoting green procurement

Tokuyama's procurement activities are sensitive to issues of environmental protection, and "the 3Rs" (reduce, reuse, and recycle) is also considered for selection.

Items procured

Items below are procured for manufacturing chemicals and plastics, electronics, cement, and other products, for use in our private electricity generation facilities, and for our research laboratories.

・Raw materials and fuels, including industrial salt, metallic silicon, coal, and heavy oil Packing materials, and containers

・Manufacturing facilities (machinery, electrical, instruments), and the construction, maintenance, and repair thereof

・Analyzers and reagents

・Machine components, electrical instrumentation materials, maintenance and repair materials, and consumables

・OA equipment, office supplies

Contact information related to purchasing

Contact information related to purchasing

Procurement Dept.

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