Materiality Determination

Tokuyama's Materiality

Socially responsible management plays a vital role in fulfilling Tokuyama’s newly redefined Mission. Based on the three priority issues that are the pillars of Medium-Term Management Plan 2025, our Vision is a clear statement of the“ Tokuyama of the near future,” which we will achieve through sustainable growth. The Vision is also closely related to the ten material topics we have established. Therefore, not only do our efforts toward these material topics contribute to SDGs, but they are also action plans aimed at the achievement of our Vision.
We have definded 9 material topics in 2019 based on important social issues, engagement with stakholders, and third-party opinions of exparts. In February 2021, we partially revised our material topics in line with the new Medium-Term Management Plan 2025, and formulated targets and KPIs for FY2025. We have added“ Promotion of physical & mental health” as a new material topic, explicitly stating that the physical and mental health of our employees is fundamental to achieving our Vision.
Tokuyama aims to solidify our trust relationship with society by strengthening our efforts in material topics (CSR priorities), while at the same time pursuing our own unique approach to socially responsible management.

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