Health Management

Creating a Health-Conscious Workplace

As a company, Tokuyama is working as a united team with its employees to realize its Mission and its goal of “transitioning toward a robust business structure that is resilient against changes. ”
To achieve these aims, we understand that it is of the utmost importance to create a workplace environment where employees find it comfortable to work, and to endeavor to support and foster the mental and physical health of employees and their families.
It was based on this concept that the Health Management Declaration was announced on October 1, 2020.

Health Management Declaration

Tokuyama is committed to health management with the aim of improving the mental and physical health of employees and their families and creating a workplace where it is comfortable to work.
Hiroshi Yokota
Representative Director, President and Executive Officer
Tokuyama Corporation
Basic policy
  1. We place the highest priority on the physical and mental health of our employees and their families, and we actively strive to ensure primary prevention (preventing the occurrence of illness or infirmity). Among our efforts, we are prioritizing initiatives to address the issue of smoking, which is known to have very severe health impacts.
  2. In cooperation with the Tokuyama Health Insurance Association, we actively support and foster the mental and physical health of our employees and their families.
  3. We are actively involved in educational initiatives to raise employees' awareness about their own health and in providing guidance for health maintenance and promotion.
  4. Outcomes of various initiatives are verified and continuous improvements made.

Health management organizational structure

In accordance with the policy determined by the Health Promotion Committee and under the leadership of the Representative Director, President and Executive Officer, who is also responsible for overall health management, the Health Management Center of the General Affairs & Human Resources Division is working to promote health management in cooperation with industrial physicians and the Tokuyama Health Insurance Association.
In addition to administrative staff, the Health Management Center employs a total of four nurses at the Tokuyama Factory and the Tokyo Head Office. The Health Management Promotion Committee is chaired by the Executive Officer and General Manager of the General Affairs & Human Resources Division, with the Chairman of the Tokuyama Labor Union Executive Committee and the manager of the Tokuyama Health Insurance Association serving as the members. The Health Management Promotion Committee meets once a year and formulates plans and targets for the Company's health management policy, based on the advice of dedicated industrial physicians.
The committee also receives reports on the implementation and verified outcomes of measures promoted by various organizations in accordance with these plans, summarizes them, and reports the results to the committee chair.

Health management initiatives

Tokuyama is engaged in health management to build workplaces that help to enhance the physical and mental health of employees and their families and support worker performance.
In addition, under the two goals of promoting employees' mental and physical health and preventing lifestyle diseases, Tokuyama carries out a range of activities with an emphasis on improving individual health awareness, maintaining or reducing the rate of findings on health checkups, reducing the rate of leave taken due to health problems, promoting the Smart Life Program, health guidance and lifestyle disease countermeasures, and mental health care.

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■ Promoting the Smart Life Program
The Company has continued to work on anti-smoking measures as part of the Smart Life Program, seeking to maintain and optimally enhance the health of employees. To prevent passive smoking, we have been implementing a policy of no smoking indoors, and we have completely banned smoking indoors on site, including at partner company sites (except for shared smoking areas in Head Office and branch office buildings). In addition, the Tokuyama anti-smoking campaign started in fiscal 2018, promoting measures such as awareness-raising activities offered by industrial physicians and industrial health staff and the establishment of a "no smoking during work hours day" on the 22nd of every month. Since fiscal 2021, in addition to the conventional measures such as providing smoking cessation clinics, nicotine gum, and smoking cessation books, we have put together a team of people who provide continuous support to everyone who wants to quit.

■ Offering health guidance and fighting lifestyle diseases
Working with the Health Insurance Association, the Company implemented specific health guidance, and in the health check-ups in 2022, improvements were seen in the 49% of employees who received health guidance.In addition to conducting follow-up interviews on health checkup results when needed, and ensuring that supervisors encourage employees to do follow-up checkups when needed,the Company also holds individual interviews with employees who are at high risk for lifestyle diseases and other illnesses, and provides ongoing support. Throughout the year, industrial health staff also provide outreach health education (mini workshops in the workplace).

■ Promoting mental health care
Tokuyama aims for early detection and response to mental health issues by giving occupational stress tests to all employees, interviewing people with high levels of stress, and offering enhanced consultation services.In fiscal 2022, mental health training was provided via e-learning, with a 97.5% participation rate among those eligible.The Company is working to reduce stress, provide self-care education and improve the workplace environment by using group analysis results.