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Making Sure Our Business Contributes to Sustainable Development

Creating value that enhances people's lives through chemistry is the keystone to Tokuyama's existence and has been our core heritage for a century in business. Our approach of resolving social issues through corporate activities is precisely how we practice corporate social responsibility in management.

To continue being a corporate group trusted by society, we are striving to implement thorough compliance and risk management. We are also working to increase stakeholder trust by improving management efficiency, for instance, by reassessing our corporate governance system and strengthening internal controls. Moreover, safety is at the heart of any successful business, so we are putting in place even more advanced process safety and disaster prevention initiatives, focusing on on-site activities and senior management leadership.

Befitting our status as a chemicals business, we practice responsible care in product safety and quality and strive to reduce environmental impact. We are also building the SDGs into our management to focus our efforts to build a sustainable future.

Takeshi Nakahara

Takeshi Nakahara

Director, In charge of Corporate Social Responsibility Div.

Basic Philosophy of Tokuyama's CSR-Oriented Management

Tokuyama approaches its CSR activities in accordance with a basic philosophy of continuously working with society to build a sustainable future by contributing to the resolution of social issues and earning greater trust from various stakeholders with the aim of improving corporate value.

Tokuyama Group's CSR

Tokuyama works to build positive relations with stakeholders in accordance with its mandate to practice CSR. Under Japan's Corporate Governance Code, companies are directed to "achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the mid- to long-term." Tokuyama believes that achieving these aims will help to ensure its social responsibilities are met. It also implements internal controls to anchor its CSR initiatives, focusing on risk management and compliance. As a chemical manufacturer, Tokuyama gives utmost priority to exercising Responsible Care through the consistent operation and enhancement of management systems for safety, the environment, and quality.

symbol for CSR promotion

Tokuyama has created this symbol for CSR promotion. Depicting a sunflower, the symbol is intended to convey the Company's active, healthy and honest stance toward CSR. Under this symbol, the Tokuyama Group will not only pursue compliance and efficiency in its business operations, but will also work to develop into a vibrant, sound corporate entity that is socially and environmentally beneficial and is trusted by all stakeholders.

Tokuyama Group's CSR Framework

Tokuyama Group's CSR Framework

CSR Management

CSR Management in Corporate Governance Structure

as of Jun 24, 2019

CSR Management in Corporate Governance Structure

CSR Promotion Council

Chaired by the president, the membership of the CSR Promotion Council is composed of all executive officers. The Council sets CSR related policies and goals, and deliberates on important matters concerning internal control systems, which constitute the basis for CSR activities.

Risk Management and Compliance Committee

Operating under the CSR Promotion Council, the Risk Management and Compliance Committee is chaired by the director responsible for the Corporate Social Responsibility Division. The committee takes the initiative in promoting risk management and compliance, which are both core elements of the internal control system.

Seven Committees

Tokuyama operates committees focused on risk management and compliance in seven critical and specialized areas, separately from the Risk Management and Compliance Committee. The committees operate under the CSR Promotion Council, overseeing the following areas: financial reporting, fair trade and competition, security trade, information security, environment, safety, and product safety and quality assurance.

Helpline Committee

The Helpline Committee was set up as a whistleblowing channel to enable internal reporting of legally questionable actions and behavior.

Departments Responsible for Internal Auditing

Tokuyama has established the Auditing Department and the Responsible Care Management Department and tasked them with responsibility for internal auditing.

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