Our Vision

Tokuyama has redefined its “Mission” in 2021 in response to the global rise in environmental awareness and rapid advances in the digital revolution.
In order to fulfill this Mission, we have identified the “Vision” to which we aspire.
Drawing on four core inherent “Values,” each and every one of our employees will continue to work toward the realization of our Vision.


  • Centered on the field of chemistry, the Tokuyama Group will continue to create value that enhances peopleʼs lives


  • Shift from a focus on quantity to quality
  • FY2025
  • ◎Global leader in advanced materials
  • ◎Leader in its traditional businesses in Japan


  • ◎Customer satisfaction is the
    source of profits
  • ◎A higher and broader perspective
  • ◎Personnel who consistently surpass their predecessors
  • ◎Integrity, perseverance,
    and a sense of fun