Accident Prevention and Occupational Health & Safety

Accident Prevention and Occupational Health & Safety

Recognizing that safety is the basis for its business activities, Tokuyama practices safety as the first step to maintaining good relations with the communities in which it operates. Based on this approach, the Company carries out stringent accident prevention measures and occupational health and safety initiatives in its efforts to create a positive and safe work environment that is free of accidents.

Tokuyama Group Safety Management Policy

The Tokuyama Group established based on the Tokuyama Group Sustainability Principles, the following safety policies, and actively implements safety initiatives.

  • Implement safety initiatives involving all employees, under the leadership of upper management.
  • Comply with laws, regulations, and internal rules.
  • Foster and enhance a culture of safety, for the safety of people, facilities, and the public.
  • Create comfortable workplaces to ensure the mental and physical health of the people who work there.
Fiscal 2024 Safety Targets and Priority Measures

The Tokuyama Group will reflect this year's priority implementation items in its security management actions, and actively work towards achieving its targets.

Policy Objectives

  • No compliance violations
  • No accidents or accidents requiring work absence
  • Reduce the rate of work absences

Key Action Items

  • Improve process safety management
    Strengthen measures to prevent accidents
    Improve hazard awareness
    Adopt smart industrial safety systems
  • Identify sources of risks and resolve
    Ensuring compliance with new chemical regulations
    Improve risk assessment
  • Make progress in risk management and hazard management
    Prepare and respond to natural disasters
  • Promote facilities management
  • Promote physical and mental health

Comprehensive Safety and Accident-Prevention Measures

Tokuyama sets safety management policy, targets and priority measures, and conducts safety and accident-prevention initiatives. Based on the safety management system of the Tokuyama Factory, the Company works to identify and eliminate hazards by assessing risks in work, facilities and processes.  Tokuyama also strives to stop unsafe behavior by conducting studies into behavioral characteristics. As part of occupational health and safety activities, worksites carry out basic safety activities, including safety patrol, kiken yochi hazard prediction, and near-miss activities.
On January 1, 2022, the Safety Reinforcement Unit was set up at the Tokuyama Factory. As a cross-cutting project structure, this organization coordinates with manufacturing divisions and the facility management group as well as contractors to reinforce safety. Focusing on work that is dangerous or has a high physical load, the Unit will work to improve operations with a new perspective that starts with "eliminating, reducing, changing."

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