Tokuyama's CSR

Tokuyama practices corporate social responsibility (CSR) in management, leveraging the chemical technology it has amassed to create and keep providing new value in order to bring joy to people and contribute to social progress.

Tokuyama's Approach to CSR

Tokuyama works to build positive relations with stakeholders in accordance with its mandate to practice CSR. Under Japan’s Corporate Governance Code, companies are directed to “achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the mid- to long-term.”
Tokuyama believes that achieving these aims will help to ensure its social responsibilities are met. It also implements internal controls to anchor its CSR initiatives, focusing on risk management and compliance. As a chemical manufacturer, Tokuyama gives utmost priority to exercising Responsible Care through the consistent operation and enhancement of management systems for safety, the environment, and quality.

Tokuyama Group Code of Conduct and Action Guidelines

To achieve sustainable growth while earning public trust and being the consistent choice of customers, the Tokuyama Group ensures that all employees and officers understand and adhere to the Group Code of Conduct and Five Conscience Clauses. Group companies also formulate their own action guidelines to guide their relations with various stakeholders.

Tokuyama Group Code of Conduct

All Tokuyama Group members will commit to operating in a way that is compatible with society and to fulfilling the Group's corporate social responsibility, following the principles below and endeavoring to achieve sustained growth by earning the support of our clients.

(Established: May 12, 2009)

1. Compliance

We act with good corporate ethics and common sense, based on the understanding that compliance with laws and corporate rules is the most important requirement in pursuing any kind of business.

2. Fair Business Activities

• We aim to be moderate and reasonable in our business through fair, free, and
transparent competition.
• We will maintain fair and reasonable relations with political and
governmental organizations.

3. Responsible Care

• We develop, produce and supply products and services that have value to the community, with a constant focus on safety requirements, so that we can satisfy our clients and consumers and earn their trust.
• We voluntarily and proactively address environmental issues based on an understanding of their significance to all mankind and their importance to the continuation of
business activities.

4. Respect for Human Rights and Personality

• We respect the basic rights of people in our business and will not discriminate on the base of race, sexuality, creed, nationality or religion.
• We value diversity in the workplace and will provide a safe and comfortable working atmosphere to provide satisfaction and opportunity to each employee.

5. Communications

We make fair and positive public disclosure of information about our Group, including its business activities and financial reports, to maintain good communication with society.

6. Social Contributions

• We actively seek to contribute to our community as a good corporate citizen.
• We contribute to the development of local regions in our international business activities, respecting not only international rules, local laws and regulations, but also local cultures
and customs.

7. Exclusion of Antisocial Forces

We will not enter into any business arrangement with antisocial forces that threaten public order and safety

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