Annual Earnings

FY2018 Results

April 26, 2019 - Tokuyama Corporation announced its consolidated results for fiscal 2018(April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019). Consolidated net sales increased 5.4%, or ¥16.5 billion compared with the previous fiscal year, to ¥324.6 billion. This was largely attributable to an increased sales volume in products such as semiconductor-related products and revision in selling prices of products such as caustic soda.

Operating profit decreased 14.6%, or ¥6.0 billion compared with the previousfiscal year, to ¥35.2 billion. Despite sales in each business remained steady, the increase in manufacturing costs including the rise in raw material and fuel costs affected the operating profit of each segment.

(In billions, except per share amounts) FY2017 FY2018 Difference(%)
Net sales ¥308.0 ¥324.6 +5
Operating income ¥41.2 ¥35.2 (15)
Profit attributable to
owners of parent
¥19.6 ¥34.2 (8)
Basic earnings per share ¥259.81 ¥493.26 -

Operating results by segment (year on year)
Chemicals: Both sales and operating profit increased due to the revision of selling prices.
Specialty Products: Although sales volumes in the Specialty Products segment remained
Cement: There were lower earnings on higher sales due to rising raw material prices.
Life & Amenity: Although shipments of photochromic dye materials for use in eyeglass lenses were robust, earnings from ion exchange membranes decreased year on year, due to large-scale projects recorded in the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year. Consequently, the segment reported lower earnings on higher sales.


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