Condensation Agent "Triazimoch™"

Triazimoch™ is used as a condensation agent for facilitating the dehydration reaction, one of organic synthesis methods that is applied to convert two chemical compounds into a different combined substance.

Product overview

Product name Triazimoch™
Special properties Selectively obtain corresponding to esters group and amides group from carboxyl group and amino group, or the carboxyl group and hydroxyl group, by dehydro-condensation
General applications Triazimoch™ is primarily used as a condensation agent needed to synthesize electronic materials, optical materials, and medical-related substances.

Special characteristics

A drawback of the conventional condensation agent is that large amounts of by-products are produced when water and alcohol are present in the reaction system. Triazimoch™ inhibits other reactions even when water and alcohol are used as a solvent, thereby, makes it possible to selectively obtain target substances. Triazimoch™ offers new option for synthesis method, as this function enables to use water or alcohol as a reaction solvent.

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