Microporous film "Porum"

Generic names Microporous film, air-permeable film, polyethylene porous film
Product name Porum
General applications Back sheets for disposable diapers and feminine napkins
Packing / shipping method Film rolls
Special properties Air-permeable, moisture-permeable, waterproof

Product overview

Porum is a polyethylene microporous film that repels water but allows air and moisture to pass through. Tokuyama also offers Lami Porum, a laminated film that can be combined with non-woven fabrics and cloth yarn.


Special characteristics

・Excellent air and moisture permeability allows air, moisture, and gas to pass through

・Water resistant enough to effectively prevent water from passing through

・Irritating or harmful gases are not emitted even when burned

・The Porum PH series is made using Tokuyama's proprietary biaxially-stretched tubular process to ensure a soft texture and good stretchability, as well as strong and balanced crisscross stitching that makes the material hard to tear. When Polyethylene sheets filled with calcium carbonate as refined inorganic filler are stretched bi-axially, the overlapping surfaces of the filler and polyethylene are detached and voids are created there, forming an integrated microporous structure.

・The Porum PM series provides excellent cost performance and processability at customers' production lines.

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