Methylene Chloride for industrial use

Generic names Methylene chloride, dichloromethane
Chemical formula CH2Cl2
Packing / shipping method 250-kilogram drums and 25-kilogram pail cans; tank lorry

Product overview

Methylene chloride is highly volatile and nonflammable, and among chlorinated solvents, it demonstrates excellent solubility for fats and oils. Consequently, methylene chloride is used in a broad array of applications as a paint remover, urethane foaming agent, and also as a reaction solvent for producing polycarbonate resin and photographic film. Owing to the above mentioned properties solubility, methylene chloride is also widely used for cleaning metals.

General applications

・Reaction solvent for producing polycarbonate resin

・Extracting solvent for pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals

・Paint remover

・Material for adhesive agents

・Urethane foaming agent

・Reaction solvent for producing photographic film

Special characteristics

・Colorless and volatile liquid


・Methylene chloride has excellent solubility compared to other chlorinated solvents

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