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Tokuyama Corporate Movie

"History of TOKUYAMA 2017"

This video tells the story of Tokuyama's history, starting with its establishment as Japan's first producer of soda ash all the way through its commercialization of cement, aluminum nitride and polycrystalline silicon. It focuses on the difficult struggles of central people in the company's history and how their pioneering spirit has been passed down to this day.

Play all (18min) Regeneration
Soda Ash: Establishing soda ash manufacturing in Japan (3min) Regeneration
Cement: By-product reuse initiatives (3min) Regeneration
Aluminum nitride: Creating new markets (3min) Regeneration
Polycrystalline silicon: Developing new businesses (4min) Regeneration

Tokuyama Factory Introduction Video

It is a factory introduction picture which photographed each factory of Tokuyama factory with a drone. Dynamic and powerful images introduce the features of each factory.
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Tokuyama Plant

Higashi Plant

Nanyo Plant

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