Dividend History

Fiscal Year Interim Year-end Payout Ratio(%)
Fiscal 2018 The 155th 25.0yen
Fiscal 2017 The 154th 2.0yen 20.0yen 11.5
Fiscal 2016 The 153rd 0.0yen
Fiscal 2015 The 152nd 0.0yen
Fiscal 2014 The 151st 0.0yen 0.0yen
Fiscal 2013 The 150th 3.0yen 3.0yen 20.4
Fiscal 2012 The 149th 0.0yen 3.0yen *1
*1 The dividend payout ratio for FY2012 is not presented, because the Company reported a net loss.
*2 Effective as from 1 October 2017, the Company conducted a share consolidation in which every five common shares was consolidated into one share.
*3 Year-end dividends of 20 yen per share for 2017 include commemorative dividends of 10 yen for the Company's 100th anniversary.

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