Microporous film "NF Sheet" "NFR Sheet"

The NF Sheet is a polypropylene microporous film that repels water but allows air and moisture to pass through. Combining polypropylene, which has a high melting point, and our proprietary biaxially-stretched tubular process creates sheets with excellent breathability and heat resistance. NFR Sheets combined with non-woven fabrics and cloth yarns have excellent heat sealing properties and are widely used as a breathable bagging material.

Product overview

Generic names Microporous film, air-permeable film, polypropylene porous film
Product name "NF Sheet" "NFR Sheet"
Packing /
shipping method
Film rolls
General applications Household-use moisture-absorbing agents; air-permeable packing materials including drying agents
Special properties
  • Air-permeable
  • moisture-permeable
  • waterproof

Special characteristics

  • Excellent air and moisture permeability allows air, moisture, and gas to pass through
  • Water resistant enough to effectively prevent water from passing through
  • Irritating or harmful gases are not emitted even when burned

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