External Teat Sealant TEATNER™

Product overview

TEATNER™ is a teat protection material that keeps bacteria from invading the teats of dairy cattle during their dry-off periods. It is a new seal-type of teat protection material that successfully ensures Animal Welfare without the inclusion of any medicinal properties whatsoever. With its high elasticity and adhesion, TEATNER™ physically keeps bacteria from invading the teat end.


This product is a teat protection material for dairy cattle.

Timing of Application

Recommended timing: First day of dry-off and 1-2 weeks prior to calving.
TEATNER™ can also be applied with either one of the above timings instead of both.


  • Extremely thin adhesive film adheres securely
  • Hourglass shape enables easy application
  • Highly sticky, durable material can remain attached for up to two weeks

TEATNER description

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