Hydrophobic spherical silica aerogel powder "Airlica"

Spherical silica aerogel is a very unique material that only Tokuyama can provide.
Airlica absorbs about twice the amount of oil as conventional porous silica with an extremely high porosity of 90%. In additon,the spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution provide a smoother skin feel than other silica beads. Potential alternative  to plastic beads.
Airlica TL-10 which average particle size is 10 μm is a grade manufactured especially for personal care products such as  skin care, makeup, and hair care.
Features: Highly oil absorbent, soft focus effect, smooth skin feel and slow-release properties (ex., fragrance, active ingredients.)

Product overview

Generic names Hydrophobic spherical silica aerogel (Cosmetic label name:Silica Silylate)
Product name Airlica
Chemical formula SiO2・n((CH3)3・SiO)
Packing /
shipping method
Corrugated Boxes
General applications Additive for cosmetic products or personal care products such as
  • long-lasting foundations
  • Sebum controlable hair care products,
  • skin care products with slow-releasable active ingredients
  • not-stickey sunscreens

Special characteristics

  • High Oil Absorption: More than twice the amount of oil absorption as conventional porous
  • Soft Focus Effect: Higher light diffusion effect than plastic beads when added at same weight percentage, which yields beautiful skin effect.
  • Smooth Skin Feel: The spherical shape with narrow particle size distribution provide a smooth skin feel.

The figures in this page are representative values and do not indicate standard values.

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