Hard coating solutions for plastic lenses "TS-56 Series"

Hard coating solutions for plastic lenses improve the durability of these lenses, which are easily scratched. When coated on a plastic lens, the solution hardens and forms a thin but strong coating that protects it from scratches and damage caused by wiping.
Tokuyama’s TS-56 hard coating agent is offered as a primer and as a thermoset hard coating solution, with the former used for low refractive index lenses and the latter for high refractive index lenses.
We also sell TS-56WR2, a water repellant.

Product overview

Generic names Hard coating and water-repellent coating solutions for plastic lenses
General applications Protection of plastic lenses
Packing /
shipping method
Plastic containers
Special properties
  • Scratch-resistance
  • durability
  • water-repellency
  • preservation stability

Special characteristics


  • Excellent scratch resistance
    Demonstrates strong resistance to abrasions in steel wool tests and the Bayer test
  • Outstanding durability
    Reduces degradation and stickiness caused by heat and light, and remains stable when exposed to all kinds of chemicals
  • Great preservation stability
    Normal transportation and storage are available


  • Excellent water repellency
  • No chlorofluorocarbons are used
    While TS-56WR2 is a long-lasting solvent that prevents water stains for extended durations, it is also a chlorofluorocarbon-free product.
  • Produces an evenly coated film

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