Hard coating solutions for plastic lenses "TS-56 Series"

Generic names Hard coating and water-repellent coating solutions for plastic lenses
General applications Protection of plastic lenses
Packing / shipping method Plastic containers
Special properties Scratch-resistance, durability, water-repellency, preservation stability

Product overview

Tokuyama offers TS-56 as a product that protects the surface of plastic lenses from scratches, and TS-56WR2 to guard against water stains that occur when water sticks to lens surfaces.

Special characteristics


Hard coating solutions for plastic lenses improve the durability of these lenses, which are easily scratched. When coated on a plastic lens, the solution hardens and forms a thin but strong coating that protects it from scratches and damage caused by wiping.
Tokuyama sells TS-56, a thermal curing type of hard coating solution for both low and high refractive lenses, as well as TS-56T, a dyeable type of hard coating solution.

・Excellent scratch resistance
Demonstrates strong resistance to abrasions in steel wool tests and the Bayer test

・Outstanding durability
Reduces degradation and stickiness caused by heat and light, and remains stable when exposed to all kinds of chemicals

・Great preservation stability
Normal transportation and storage are available

img: TS-56


TS-56WR2 is a thermal curing type of coating solution for preventing water stains on plastic lenses. Water stains can remain on plastic lenses that have antireflection coatings after water droplets evaporate from the lens surface. Applying TS-56WR2 on the surface of such antireflection coatings creates a thin film of water-repellent coating, thereby preventing moisture from adhering to the lens and leaving water stains. As a result, plastic lenses with antireflection coatings that have been treated with TS-56WR2 can maintain highly water repellency, ensuring that water stains do not appear.

・Excellent water repellency

・No chlorofluorocarbons are used
While TS-56WR2 is a long-lasting solvent that prevents water stains for extended durations, it is also a chlorofluorocarbon-free product.

・Produces an evenly coated film

img: TS-56WR2

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