Electronic Materials

Generic names Tetrachlorosilane, Silicon tetrachloride, STC
Product name Tetrachlorosilane
Main applications synthetic quartz, optical fiber, silicon dioxide (fumed silica)
Packing / shipping method Tank truck
Chemical formula SiCl4
Special properties High purity

Product overview

Tetrachlorosilane is generated in the production process for polycrystalline silicon. Tokuyama recovers this material and purifies it through distillation to produce highly pure tetrachlorosilane.


  • Raw material for synthetic quartz and optical fiber Quartz glass is highly pure, so that it has a higher transparency to light than ordinary plate glass. For this characteristic, quartz glass is utilized for optical fiber to conduct digital signal of light. Tokuyama's tetrachlorosilane is used as a raw material for production of synthetic quartz.
  • Raw material for silicon dioxide Tetrachlorosilane is also used as a raw material for the fluffy, fleecy, fumed powder, silicon dioxide (fumed silica; product name, REOLOSIL).

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