High-purity fused spherical silica "EXCELICA"

Generic names Silicon dioxide (High-purity fused spherical silica)
Chemical formula SiO2
Packing / shipping method Flexible containers, paper bags

Product overview

EXCELICA is high-purity fused synthetic spherical silica produced by vapor phase reaction. The particle diameter ranges from the several level to 100 microns. Special products, such as blended products and large-cut particle, are also available according to specific application.

General applications

・Solid and liquid encapsulants* for semiconductors
EXCELICA is used to reduce thermal expansion, reduce hygroscopicity, improve thermal conductivity and increase the strength of semiconductor encapsulant, including encapsulant for DRAM.

*1 encapsulant: resin for sealing IC

・Precision adhesive
EXCELICA is used to reduce shrinkage from hardening and reduce thermal expansion with adhesives for precision fixing of optical lenses for DVD optical pickups.

EXCELICA is used for anti-blocking wrapping films and other uses.

・Transparent quartz materials
EXCELICA is used as a raw material for transparent quartz materials produced using the molded sintering method.

Special characteristics

EXCELICA is produced in a closed system using highly purified materials, resulting in silica with very few impurities such as radioelements, heavy metal elements, or ionic elements. Especially the amount of uranium or thorium contained, which emits alpha rays causing semiconductor memory malfunctions, in EXCELICA is less than 0.1ppb.

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