Generic names Tetrachlorosilane, Silicon tetrachloride, STC
Chemical formula SiCl4
Packing / shipping method Tank truck

Product overview

Tetrachlorosilane is generated in the production process for polycrystalline silicon. Tokuyama purifies this material through distillation to produce high purity tetrachlorosilane.

General applications

・Raw material for synthetic quartz glass, optical fiber and synthetic quartz. Synthetic quartz glass is highly pure, transparent, heat resistant, and includes little metal impurities. For those characteristics, synthetic quartz glass is utilized for optical fiber,photomask, and other applications.

・Raw material for fumed silica, the company's product "REOLOSIL".

Special characteristics

・Tetrachlorosilane is a colorless liquid at nomal temperature.There is a pungent odor.

・It reacts violently with water,strong oxidants,strong acids, alcohol, alkali,ketones and aldehyde, then produces hydrogen chloride.

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