Purifeed (powder, granular)

Generic names Crystalline layered sodium silicate
Chemical formula δ-Na2O・2SiO2
Packing / shipping method Flexible containers and paper bags

Product overview

Purifeed is used as builder for detergent (clothes, dishwasher). Its layered crystalline structure brings Purifeed advanteges compared to usual sodium silicate powder. As its advantages, it easily captures multivallent ions in soft water, and it hardly causes caking or scaling. Because, softener use, Purifeed changes into substances existing in nature, it has little effect on the natural environment.


・Granulated ・Powdered ・S type

General applications

・Multifunctional builder (washing agent)
・Civil engineering additives (alkali stimulant)
・Rust-resistant alkali chemicals
・Raw material for silica

Special characteristics

・Capable of maintaining almost the same pH value with high pH buffer capacity, while preventing pH from lowering by fatty acid or othr contamination.

・It is used as a chelating agent, because it captures multivalent metal ions by ion exchange in the water.

・Compare to other chelating agents, there is no cause for concern about entrophication of lakes and marshes, low degradablity, and carcinogenicity.

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