Calcium Chloride (liquid, granular)

Generic names Calcium Chloride
Chemical formula liquid form; CaCl2, granular form; CaCl2・2H2O
Packing / shipping method Tanker lorry for liquid form, polyethylene bags or flexible container bags for granular form

Product overview

Tokuyama has manufactured calcium chloride jointly with soda ash. Calcium chloride is one type of inorganic salt. It generates a large amount of heat in reaction to water and significantly lowers the freezing point of water, making it effective as a strong and immediate-acting antifreeze as well as a snow and ice melting agent.
Calcium Chloride is also used as a food and beverage additive, mainly for controlling the hardness of beer and soft drinks, and in bittern for tofu production.


・Standard grade (snow melting, dust control) ・Industrial grade ・Food-additives grade (granular only)

General applications

・Antifreeze/snow-melting agent for roads

・Dustproof for grounds and unpaved roads

・Dehumidifying agent


・Wastewater treatment(fluorine removal, neutralization)

・Food additives

Special characteristics

・In granular form, calcium chloride is white in color, absorbent, deliquescent,* and easily dissolves in water

・Generates a large amount of the heat of solution in reaction to water

・Alkaline in water solution

・Water solution with a 30% concentration of calcium chloride does not freeze until -55℃

・Chemical stability is maintained over long periods under normal conditions

* In solid form, calcium chloride dissolves by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere.

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