Policy on Communication with Shareholders

To gain the understanding and trust of shareholders and investors, Tokuyama strives to maintain the timely, appropriate and comprehensible disclosure of information. Extending beyond the Company's management and financial situations, this information covers products and services it provides to society as well as non-financial information including environmental and societal aspects. For details of the Company's basic stance towards information disclosure and its timely disclosure system, please refer to the Disclosure Policy.

The comprehensive role of promoting constructive dialogues with shareholders and investors is undertaken by the head of the Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Department (General Manager of Corporate Planning Division). The Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Department leads the planning and implementation of these communication and coordinates closely with the departments in charge of corporate planning, accounting and financial matters, CSR, general affairs, research & development, business divisions and other departments of the Company.

The top management works proactively on IR activities for dialogues directly with shareholders and investors by hosting quarterly financial results briefings for analysts and institutional investors four times a year, as well as by participating in conferences and small meetings hosted by securities companies from time to time. The Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Department is in charge of the Company's IR activities and holds individual interviews with domestic and foreign institutional investors and briefing sessions for individual investors.

Comments and opinions collected through dialogues with shareholders and investors are reviewed and shared at IR meetings that are attended by the top management and the managers responsible for the relevant departments, and are communicated internally to each department in IR reports so that they can be used for formulating management and business strategies and for prompting changes and corrections with an eye to increased corporate value.

When holding these communication, the Company carries out comprehensive information management in accordance with internal regulations that are established to ensure that important information about the Company is not only provided to just a few shareholders and investors.

Efforts for Active General Shareholder Meetings and Efficient Exercise of Voting Rights

Early notification of general shareholder meetings The Company makes every effort to dispatch notices of convocation no later than three weeks prior to the general shareholder meetings. Furthermore, it disclosed the notice of convocation on TDnet of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. and on the Company's webpages one week before dispatching the notices.
Scheduling of general shareholder meetings on days other than the peak day The Company holds general shareholder meetings on days other than the peak day to ensure that as many shareholders as possible can attend the meeting.
Exercise of voting rights by electronic means Voting rights may be exercised electronically via personal computers on the website for the exercise of voting rights designated by the Company's shareholder registry administrator.
Participation in electronic voting platforms and other initiatives for system improvement for exercise of voting rights by institutional investors The Company participates in the Electronic Voting Platform for Institutional Investors provided by ICJ Inc.
Provision of notice of convocation (summary) in English The Company prepares a notice of convocation (summary) in English and discloses it on its webpage.
Other At the ordinary general meeting of shareholders, the Company used video materials to explain the main contents of the business reports, important issues and the medium- to long- term outlook in a comprehensible manner.

IR Activities

For individual investors The Company holds briefing sessions for individual investors several times a year. In addition, its websites are dedicated to individual investors, with the aim of providing easy-to-understand summaries of materials relating to company briefings and company information.
For analysts and institutional investors The Company holds results briefing sessions or conference calls via the telephone network for institutional investors four times a year when it announces the quarterly results. It also holds briefing sessions and small meetings on medium-term management plans, factory tours, etc. for institutional investors from time to time.
For foreign investors The Company holds interviews with foreign investors several times a year on an irregular basis to explain its strategies, etc. and to exchange views. In addition, it participates in conferences for foreign investors hosted by securities companies several times a year and holds similar interviews on those occasions.
Posting of IR materials via company websites The Company posts earnings reports, annual securities reports, documents related to general shareholder meetings, annual reports, presentation materials and videos for results briefing meetings and the main questions and answers, and business results and financial data on Excel, etc. In addition, IR materials in English (with the exception of certain materials) are posted at the same time as the Japanese versions.
Department (or person) responsible for IR The Company has a dedicated team for IR activities in the Corporate Planning Division, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Department. In implementing IR activities, the Company strives to maintain timely, appropriate and comprehensible disclosure of information through close coordination between the senior management, the Corporate Planning Division, the Management Support Center, the business divisions and other departments of the Company.

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