Medium-Term Management Plan

Medium to Long-term Management Strategies

  • Transition to a robust business structure that is resilient against changes in its operating environment and capable of sustainable growth

    ・Growth businesses: Become a global leader in advanced materials through unique technologies

    ・Traditional businesses: Become a leader in Japan in each of the Cement and Chemicals businesses through strengthening competitiveness

  • Transition to a Group-wide low-cost structure by undertaking a comprehensive review of existing work practices

New Foundation

The goal is to carry out each of these strategies by fiscal 2025.

New Foundation


Centered on the field of chemistry, the Tokuyama Group will continue to create value that enhances people's lives


Shift from a focus on quantity to quality
Global leader in advanced materials
Leader in its traditional businesses in Japan


Customer satisfaction is the source of profits
A higher and broader perspective
Personnel who consistently surpass their predecessors
Integrity, perseverance, and a sense of fun

Rebuild Business Strategies

Strive toward definitive profit growth by becoming a global leader in advanced materials through unique technologies in growth businesses. Work to become a leader in traditional businesses in Japan by strengthening competitiveness and overcome competition in the domestic general-purpose product market.

Steadily Expand Growth Businesses

Utilize the Company's unique technologies that draw on capabilities nurtured in advanced fields and develop products that address the needs of society

Outline of the Medium-Term Management Plan

Target Indicators under the Medium-Term Management Plan

Set numerical targets for FY2020 as a milestone toward achieving the Group's aspirations in FY2025

Medium-Term Managemet Plan "Cornerstone of the Group's Revitalization" (FY2016 - FY2020)

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