Value Creation

Drawing on its unique technologies in the manufacture and development of inorganic and organic chemicals, Tokuyama has continued to refine its capabilities as the driving force behind its value creation endeavors for just short of a century. As a platform for the manufacture and seamless delivery of products that employ these technologies to reduce costs to an unprecedented level, the Company also makes full use of the industry-leading port infrastructure and in-house power generation facilities owned and operated by Tokuyama Factory. Located in the Shunan Industrial Zone, Tokuyama Factory works diligently to deepen ties with neighboring companies. In addition to the supply of electric power and raw materials, Tokuyama Factory actively engages in the collection of waste. As the Group’s main manufacturing facility, Tokuyama Factory boasts a highly efficient production structure and systems that link several plants and operational units to ensure the integrated and effective use of raw materials, products, byproducts, and waste.

Taking full advantage of its tangible and intangible asset including unique technologies, competitive manufacturing facilities as well as human resources and organizations with professional skills and experience, the Tokuyama Group provides products and services that match the needs of the market. With a proven track record of creating value with our customers for a century, we will continue to fine tune our business model as a core and inherent strength.

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