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Generic names Portland cement
Product name Ordinary Portland cement, early-strength Portland cement, moderate-heat Portland cement
Main applications Ordinary Portland cement: general civil engineering, building construction, concrete structures
Early-strength Portland cement: emergency construction, wintertime construction, concrete structures
Moderate-heat Portland cement: large-scale civil engineering structures such as dams and bridges, foundations for high-rise buildings
Transport method Cement trucks

Product lineup

■Ordinary Portland cement

A general-purpose cement, ordinary Portland cement is the most common type of cement in the construction industry, comprising 70% of the total used in Japan. It is widely used for concrete and other secondary cement structures in general civil engineering applications and construction work.

■Early-strength Portland cement

Early-strength Portland cement becomes strong in a shorter period than ordinary Portland cement, and is widely used in situations when concrete must harden quickly, such as emergency roadwork and wintertime construction.

■Moderate-heat Portland cement

Moderate-heat Portland cement limits the heat of hydration more than ordinary Portland cement and maintains strength over a long period. It is also highly resistant to chemicals and very durable since it exhibits only a small amount of dry shrinkage. As such, moderate-heat Portland cement is used for large-scale civil engineering structures like dams and bridges, as well as road-surface concrete and mass concrete for foundations of high-rise buildings and other structures.


Inhalation: Remove victim to fresh air immediately.Get medical attention if coughing or other symptoms do not subside.
Skin Contact: Rinse skin with cool water. Get medical attention immediately in case of prolonged exposure to wet cement, cement mixtures, liquids from fresh cement products, or prolonged wet skin exposure to dry cement.
Eye Contact: Rinse the affected eyes with clean water gently for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention even if there is no pain and vision is good, since delayed damage may occur.
Ingestion: Rinse mouth with water.Do not induce vomiting.Get medical attention.

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